Today’s Revolutionary – Eduard Dantes

We say no to the shit
Going on all day, every day.
No to that long ass welfare line
No to the poverty line
And that long journey a life deemed fine.
No to not having a place to call mine.
No to those in power,
We are here to say
That you are not here to stay.
We say no to your ridiculous rules
No longer will we lose
While the rich grow powerful even as they snooze.

We say
No to the violence,
No to the looting and needless destruction.
We will not lose our humanity,
Our revolution will be peaceful.
We’ll take over without spilling a drop blood,
Without instilling fear.
Words are our power,
They are our fire.
Our only desire is peace.
Prosperity for all is what we want,
Equality is what we need.

They said you can’t have the power,
So it was unavoidable.
The fighting was necessary
But soon we won’t need it.
They kept us face down in the shit
For too long
When we wanted was an equal share of the power.
We will fix the world and not stay long.
We’re not plaing a game,
We are not power hungry.
Spilt blood is a pity
But words are what lead us,
Words and ideas.
Our fire burns brighter
Because we are driven by an idea.
For the sake of these words and ideas
We will burn peace into the world’s heart.
We won’t stop until they understand us,
Until they accept our legitimate claims.

We are here now
We made it to the top,
We got the power
And we ain’t going away,
That is, until we fix the world, of course.
We are on top to heal the world.
We executed the evil ones,
The ones that fucked the world.
With them went those against peace,
The ones against prosperity had to be taken out.
They had to understand
We meant business.
A peaceful revolution was what we required
But they forced our hands
And dipped them in blood.
They paid for their crimes
With their lives.

Technically we were true to our words
We spilt no blood,
As they were all hung…

I can’t understand it.
Why do they want me, us out?
Do they not want peace?
‘Tis what we gave them
But now they don’t want it.
We gave them the freedom to follow us,
We killed for them,
We pulled them out of the shit and elevated their lifestyles,
But now they want us out.
They stand at our gates
With their pitchforks and knives,
They bay for our blood
And cry for revolution.
They say they won’t take it any more
Even though we brought them out of the dark ages.
Even though we gave them peace.
They say they won’t take it anymore…


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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