An Archaeological Find – Vincent Edward Manda

With time

It’ll become a bend

In a new river;

A ring delicately picked

From a drenched bed of desert sand

That’ll tell a tale

Of an age lost,

A time when

Deserts ruled in November

But rivers came to flow in April.


Our lives will be found

In a fragment

Scented with tulips

Before being hidden in a chest

Buried in the forest

Now growing over what was

Once our palace,


And stories will be told

By those in the know

Of how presidents and prime ministers

Ruled justly,

While revolutionaries

Brought only chaotic destabilisation,


And songs will be sung

Of how corrupt presidents and prime ministers

Were brought down

By multitudes of the

Unfairly treated and discontented,


And with time

The bones of

The kings and queens of rock and pop

And rap and blues and electronic,

Will be dug up

At the site

Of a new space shuttle parking lot

Being built over the remains

Of old and ancient London Bridge town.


Our story, yours and mine;

That old yarn

Of how we held hands

And lost your ring

In a Moroccan desert,

Or how we kissed

And cried tears that froze on our faces

When the snows of Antarctica were still a thing…


With time, our stories

Will become illegible markings

Found on a petrified tree stump

Floating where the Emerald Isle we loved so well

Once stood proud and unrelenting.


With the death of our sun

And the birth and disintegration

Of new stars,

Those secret whispers and caresses

Shared under the faint gazes

Of Taurus and Scorpius


Will become tiny drops of moisture

From your last breath

And atoms of ashen dust

From my burnt bones

Escaping a depleted atmosphere

To endlessly explore the ever growing void

And never meet again.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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