A Fleeting Skyline Dream at Dusk – Vincent Edward Manda

Five girls;

Three white two black,

Stood side by side

On the tarmac rounding out

The edge of a park’s luscious field,

Enraptured by the sight

Unfolding before their eyes…


Trees melted into houses

Appearing as the focal point

Of a painting containing

A fierce red sky

Melding into vermillion and pink

With splashes of deep blue

Highlighting lights blinking on

In the apartments

Of far off skyscrapers hiding a setting sun

As it faded into something

Between periwinkle and mauve.


I did wonder though,

Why, hand in hand,

They turned around

To take a selfie the other way,

Their smart phone camera

Pointed towards the place

Where lavender grows wild

And the sounds

Of London bound trains

Accompanied by lightning like flashes

Of wheels on tracks

Issue into the soon to be twinkling sky,

Illuminating dusky silhouettes

In a freezing winter park.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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