A Good Meal – Eduard Dantes

Some people smoke cigarettes
Like they eat chicken.
Some people live life
Like they smoke cigarettes.

They abandon it all
Before getting to the bare bones;
They ignore the meaty strips
And the fleshy bits
Hidden by hard bone.
They forego the juicy parts of life
So they can keep up society’s decorum.
They don’t want to get dirty
Yet after Dinner
They was their hands
And wipe their mouths
With fancy napkins

Then they light a cigarette
Smoke it halfway
And throw it away…
They worry about cancer,
They worry about sickness
They want to live forever.

I say, if you are worried about death
Then don’t smoke at all.
If you don’t want to get dirty at dinner,
Don’t want to embarrass yourself
If you don’t want to be judged for eating with you hands*,
Don’t eat at all.
And if you are worried about getting in trouble
Then don’t live life.

(*Remember, you always have to wash your hands
After dinner.)

Just give your preacher a call
And he’ll tell you how it’s supposed to be;
About the end of it all.

But he’ll summarise the story,
Pick only the best bits of the quarry;
Those big pieces the caught beast,
And in life,
You’ll hunt for those bits only
Completely missing the juicy bits
The little bits of chicken hidden by hard bone
That last drag of a cigarette.

You’ll miss the glory;
The satisfaction
That comes with getting dirty at dinner
And licking clean,
Each and every finger.


his name rhymes with โ€˜minceโ€™. Heโ€™s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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