A Study of Flavours I Love (A Recipe of Sorts) – Vincent Edward Manda

Tomatoes are always in season;

Plump and juicy

Sweet and tangy,

They bring breaths of vitality

To the being.


Lemons of all shapes and sizes

Can be found all round,

But primarily they are

Yellow suns in summer skies,

Gleaming refreshingly in a cool easterly breeze.


Parsley is a tender deep green

Which at the slightest touch

Will send a smiling dewy scent

To the nostrils, bringing memories of

Of running hand in hand

Through freshly trimmed spring morning meadows.


Onions are that layered queen

Holding it all together,

Whose sharpness is swift to bring tears

That with time and the kind of burning love

Known only to some,

Turns into a melting caramelised sweetness

On the tongue

Which can be savoured forever.


Garlic is that special secret

Bringing with it

An exceptional kind of bite,

The type filled with copious amounts of flavour

Which will have you smacking your lips

Long after the dish is gone.


Chillies have no season!

They are that burgeoning passion

Caught in a dancer’s eyes,

Shining brighter than the dim lights

Draping her twirling visage,

Which if handled carelessly

Will flourish through delight

And explode in abounding agony!


Mushrooms are sturdy and sure;

A supreme hors d’oeuvre

That with its earthy confidence

Can rise to be an autumn main course

Bringing smiles of bewilderment to all.


Ah Rosemary,

She reminds me

Of that which was lost

But can’t quite be defined:

Intense yet tender on the tongue,

Fragrant but not overpowering,

Delicate yet still possessive

Of the type of strength which can

Cut ice that held ships,

Or end a flame

Which was everlasting.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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