Analogue verbossa

In grey delorama of the train station leaving Kings Cross
in the lurid coloured bones and the lightning crude deco roof shouting down
akin to the wild milk and hard ground that wheels roll across
with a smoke to end all ignition outside and then the light coming up
from my hands as if my nails spark with rain again
a tapered hail drives the hazy north from my mind
and the enchanting sleep that travel brings has brought many children
and the rush of the multiple street breaks my collar
today the Thames travels light inside grimace where we walk!
enough cars to soak up the sun! Enough market to be any man!
to no longer be a rat; a velodyne half bitten sarnie with the mouth and smile of a knife
the plane drinking insects in love with barcodes and the love of old shop neon porn
the physical speaking laughter attached to the pleasures of coaxing smoke

Now the train again lifts a few meters up / no runners attached / (no sandwich trolleys)
and the west coast steam has removed its graffiti and become a pattern of hush waking
realities and new mirrors made of drumming hands on skin
fingers changing life for parody, zero proclamation, no sanity that isn’t organic
-a butane name written across miles of snow, ours, by the stars that know only novae moave
in tune with palatial sweat cooled with flight
where the maggot’s cup of gas bursts into sky scraping birds of union blue
like sulphur’s brother : useful : septic : figure of eight : sister : unique heaven
the only fool to control ten snakes at once, a leviathan in the lap of a street harp
the chaos knowing busker unlimited before a theramin
-then let the universe be always divided, like this
actually, you’re not, looking that great, but move the curtain back, more dusk but
lets see what you got…

If you want to teach me be a teacher, if you want to be taught then be a philosopher
if you want to disappear then be as you are, if the guide is as strong then bring more lilac
then ease the equestrian joke, I RIDE THIS HORSE VERY WELL GOODNIGHT!
low spirited horse there after… Next time you ride, You remember my back
differently to us, they are more like occasions, dressage, sports, camera;
an indifferent adrenal sky, a puke of stampeding brothers, sisters and myth
more than the human handcand be opaque, with leather by its foot
a whip made from the undercolour mount of memory sojourn
where great days fill the ox with humanity
as it does the columns of obstacles melting in joining lanes
by the wrath and humorous wreaths of adrenalin
the night ink
the morning groom

More the opaque fag ash in a news story about Hong-Kong
where the boats called turbo cats and jet foils take me over to Macau
the sickness of freeing joy inside dark haired musk and joy lass
the ripe tunics we wear in unfettered bursts of lullened storm
clementine rose inside the several heralds of looping fire autumn
vocoder leaf and inspecting animals made of summer’s street
bellashoot rhythms insular to the stroking parade
just a pattern of bullet synthetic dolls artichoke men and women
alive in salute of a wood work bell that clicks with louse
a hint of grain in the crack of salvation, madman, and sham
the tittering insulars of binary without time
and the last vapid grave hammers with cosmic slang

Publicité announce that dominance is a cure for weakness
and the knowledge that chimeric emotion is natural
inside that kernel : outkast : the mouth trots in a lake of grattis omission
misbehaved lives etching, touching, gleaming, foundations
a primordial haemorrhage dives life first into the world
without so much as a word each day and lacky supreme
bid for the element to mate with femur métropole
and for the mind to be a human place of measure
letting us know it thrives and shrinks perfume in a chair
the moor’s diction in a black denim law of sun
the face of untattoed laws
the crimes of statues unburnt
the elixir of sudden doubt.


is Raoul Moat in a boat. His first words were ‘Newky Brown’. As well as being our most prolific writer, René also creates graphic art, paintings and screenplays.

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