At the Very End of the Pier ~ Sean Wai Keung

I left drowning

a vampire-girl

who had saved me

moments before

from a reflection

I had been staring

at for

indescribable time.


She crept behind me

as I was staring

crouched at the very

end of the pier

tapped me on the shoulder

and when I didn’t respond

shook me.


Startled I was

startled and

broke out of

daydreams of

better places and

startlingly I spun

and knocked her down

into the sea.


I watched her drown.

Her eyes were open

mouth twisted in

a shit-eating grin.

Her fangs reminded me

but then I forgot.


I am told

(when I tell)

this story isn’t real.

Vampire-girls aren’t real.

But I am saying

(when I say)

that neither was the reflection.


Or the thrown rock

that disturbed it.


currently lives in Norwich, England. Multiple winner of Farrago Poetry Slam, past Editor of Lunar Poetry magazine and Poetry Weekly magazine as well as co-founder of Unmade Bed.

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