Bungee Jumping At Victoria Falls – Vincent Edward Manda

The worst thing
Is when the leave you falling
And you can’t feel
Anything fastened to your
Numb from the waist down legs.

They didn’t tell you
If they tied you up
Or left you bare,
You just jumped towards the horizon
At that forty five degree angle
And fell,
Watching the water flow,
The birds flying
And the hippos yawning.

From a distance comes the din
Of The Smoke That Thunders
Which you can’t quite distinguish
From the elevated beat
Of your own heart.

In that sound,
Those echoes waiting for an answer,
The songs of old
Hold no meaning
And have no solutions.

In descent
Bill Withers shoulder
Is unappealing
And R. Kelly’s words
Engender no faith.
Not even Billie Holliday
Can touch the depths
Of your soul then.

All around you
The scenery changes constantly,
You find yourself
Wishing they’d yell out
Saying whether or not
The rope had been tied
While the deceptively calm
River’s flowing face approaches,
Reflecting that which is within.

You’d shout out,
If anyone could hear.

But the yell never comes
And you wonder if they know
How they toy with your life and emotions
When a simple yes or no
Is all you require.

As you almost touch the water
You pray the rope is there…

But that seems to be the way:
The priorities of
Those doing the hiring
Rank higher
Than the desires
Of those who need to be hired.

And all these unanswered applications
Are dragging me down.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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