Catcat – Jack Charter

You came into our house
wearing a pink collar
you left rabbit heads
in the shower.
We called you ‘Catcat’
because we didn’t know
how long you were staying.
But you stayed for years,
catching countless rabbits
and curling up by the fire,
or on top of the TV.

after years of feeding,
you were skinnier than a stray.
Instead of rabbits, you ate
egg custard tarts, chips,
and tofu. Anything soft.

At about 10 am yesterday,
after a long night stretched out by the fire,
you finally left.
We buried you at the back of the plot
where rabbits play on your grave.


is the academic, Jack studies his Creative Writing MA in Kent, England. A previous fiction editor for The Menteur.

Contact him at jackcharter @ gmail . com (with no spaces)

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