Daft Joey (micro fiction)

I didn’t wanna seem like a cunt with the dream, so I just turned over when it came into the room. I knew that the chair in the middle of my flat was lifting up, and that it had some kind of glow, but I didn’t wanna piss it off. I was also conscious of the neighbours in my sleep, which I knew was a type of daftness, but the chair was staying where it was. The chair liked gravity as much as I liked my job. Unamed. Being there it was. I turned around my bed. I said something to my wife. What we said together as I woke changed me, and in turn, I said that, I would look after her, incase it came back. The bus has steam on the windows. I’m not awake yet. Cool magma, nice Lucy. No, it’d be crazy to scream that.


is Raoul Moat in a boat. His first words were ‘Newky Brown’. As well as being our most prolific writer, René also creates graphic art, paintings and screenplays.

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