Friend, fog, & feline

I write you a poem, you howling fur
you howl howl howl
when I must work
wow wow aaaaaroooooooooooooooooo

arooooooo back to the real songs
when I come back
and if I don’t create after work
arooooooooo hi hi hi yaaaaaoooooo
to the wolves

and I am you, carrying you down the stairs
we fly each life in each other’s paws
and there is only what we will know
oh shall I bite like you
my comrad

and the mortician is deer
and the day is a bum
you live where the roses are
you live in this canine garden.


is Raoul Moat in a boat. His first words were ‘Newky Brown’. As well as being our most prolific writer, René also creates graphic art, paintings and screenplays.

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