Giving Blood to Eno’s ‘Becalmed’ – Jack Charter

Squeezing my hand to make it pump

into the tube in my inner elbow.

Maybe if they played this track

I would have relaxed

and squeezed in time to the song.


is the academic, Jack studies his Creative Writing MA in Kent, England. A previous fiction editor for The Menteur.

Contact him at jackcharter @ gmail . com (with no spaces)

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    3 thoughts on “Giving Blood to Eno’s ‘Becalmed’ – Jack Charter

    1. This is cool. It just made me think up an exchange between a policeman and a junkie for some reason.
      “And what are those track marks sir?”
      “Track marks, what? NAh man, I just been giving blood to much officer sir. Honest to God it’s just the tests…”

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