I was the Fish – Kadeem Beresford-James

A girl broke my heart, once.

Through rising bubbles

I think on it now

and wonder:

What was she to me?


A dark skinned rocker to show me more than rap.

A leader whose authority I didn’t hate.

Something strange.

Something real.

My godsend.

My guide.

An apparent outcast who didn’t hide.

A beacon of beauty in a world full of ugly.

A new friend in a new place who brought new things and made a new me


A friend broke my heart, once.

And, despite all she was to me,

she was also

just another girl.


is bad with names, good with details, and enjoys a good drink. Previous editor of Roehampton Writing Society’s Anthology 2012 and co-founder of Talking to Strangers.

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