We are the chandelier, the perk, and the light that rips all throats
from all glacier twins, the twinkle of all friends
cheap batons that sway in the gravity above all laughter
love is a hymn that rhymes with pug
where we are gone, live guitar, poison, and islandesque sun
before saying to the sea, after knowing all genders
which lives are best frank halloween doors
for you
& i…

We’ll melt volcanic blue, from wine yards of life, by the discus of bird’s :
are bred by space into hearing faces slept, yours & mine or
how you see it, show a dog a landscape cross, and he’ll joke with you

Or, food learning how to write, sing, & the taxidermised moon shall transport
rainbow trams full of coyote, place control in the wind, and gravity is a future weigh
my number, our dance, its silk

In anat & phys class we tore apart the world by paper dove
and then over by the airport we eventually sought my violence
your calm, creates odour’s veil, in factories of today
and a glass of faux problems gel creating new languages, ha!

Call me a morning full of blood
call me interference loose, around thy kiss bud bones of tonal night
our mandolin made from wild boats penumbra knife
mad coral perfections tamed
& the lightning, that makes just a man, that makes just a woman

Just London’s morning exegesis
sweat, i smell from the balcony:
ahh my neck, uhh shit what did i do, ooh breakfast
breakfast you’re a hungry bitch, can we ever come to terms? HA!
lets get it on and tell the compass: hey mach summer!
your eyes my own silhouette trees
**** yeah to the dream, **** no to what will separate me from you

                                    Slim neck lined martini in the distant drifts
a poem in the carnivals of my organs chime, jackhammering
blood measured echoing, balconies holla
balloo bear, your feral gaze, my ready claws, your nightly air
shit ha!

And a man asks me for a light after mugging someone else
“Oh no problem bruv yeah” ah, never picked for the
really disgraceful things, (subjects pick lightening beat
come back later when you can smile like taran
-tula, tula, oh, AH!

Phase a man, phase a woman
but bitch, onset a dream, in the actions of grace
give into an animal right, then verisimilitude limbs

The eye of the peacock street flies from my fist, a gait in cold warm blood
of turniture, miami has the curves of Elvis sung motels lover
for all i know i am a giant to a giantess, and vice-visceral
i am able to learn latin, how polymaths hunger over each other
and why they remain, but never prefer rocking out
a strip bar, to a convent, to a marauding, shatter ulysses on a cut 4 knuckle
pipe down, oh, ha!
knowing how bad the bag-pipes sound
unless war is real

I am taught nothing about love from the street
here, billiards & shows, mean nothing until we lean in
close to me, is the furthest i am
patterns of off-spring pie
the off-luke warm sculptures scream

And, when it comes to the poem, the question of “come with us
or we kill you” says art, says day, says pulse, says
family knowing
that belief is born outside of death, and life is trojan to will
where we submit not
to lightnings of gloom, and feed layeth the painter in tomb!
so that our rent is paid by the worth
of our titanium debt, planet, caribou, aHHHroooo!

Dreams become sculptures, and latin words for doubling
spirit are the original maps that twist
life into vitallic skin
and as i drive by lives different to life, i am animated by bets
put on the minds of fools
but more than my own attack: i am quantified by every breath, every world,
if not each pea
and when i am done, the cosmos quantifies its children with silence

No-one gets to grow ape wings in comatose strike lover
but mostly do we bend over and stop creating:
we are a world born to create shadows of light ****

Instead of the pulse we know
been a while UNEMPLOYED until now, and HOWWWL
when the sun is human

Mouths of task playing no game to hemisphere
in all the games of Saturn’s fury feeling
and if we depart now, forever your torso with
my head inside our gaze

Humble folk chanting rays of facia?
eternal pact, lights horizon re-wire drive,
push me your dream, say (s)he, eclipse old tunes, say yen-tube
stations under instinct mist fumes, lets permit ole weekend barks
to say of each ghost lion dune strike, kitch kitch a leopard **** you

We are made from the families of our most potent gaze
not from the flowers that build into sky bricks of stammer
dollars are the yarns of ideas, papers beat by the tears of the road
history is fortnight startled by art

Cuckoo the glimmer of this train, pity the colour of moons
a VHS road of gambles made HD, where no scenery is kept
make me so perfect that i’m not even here
make me so perfect that Mars is spent in lilac darkness
AND if we say in the memory, the organelle, and unchange the
from, i am yours forever, a gambling shore
where Britain’s loins purr, and perm the pulse of evolution!

I date a dreadnought girl, she ****** a godly race
made of new smokes that grow colour barricades
i know, temperance in the smell, snapping
tapestries weaving extreme ways, that

Can’t replace first horizons
can’t invite new ones to know, and although, we move oh! AHHhh

And the scream of man, and the scream of soliloquy, all heal the dove
all make transcripts in the dog eyed prayer—

Never what light, that always will, courtiers & courtesan driving
the technicians of sand where our buildings emerge, language
of dames knuckling thumb near when i though about
and so, &
so et so

DON’T move the tulip wave, and eager relic
unite bad before the river makes more of our coil than
& the sound of good battalions, and the sound of bad VHS
lick knifes better fit for screens easy with pageants
crematoria girl patches me up good, i am a giddy professional
and the poems are every day’s flame.


is Raoul Moat in a boat. His first words were ‘Newky Brown’. As well as being our most prolific writer, René also creates graphic art, paintings and screenplays.

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