Men with Long Hair ~ Sean Wai Keung

I used to be a man with

long hair and I worked in

a supermarket and once I

ended up in bed with a co-worker

and she said Sean you have

more hair than I’ve had bad

days and it was at that point

that I decided I wanted to cut my long hair.

But it’s hard to let

go of the things which

at some point were a part of you

so I kept

putting the cutting off

and my hair grew longer

and I ended up at a wedding

all dressed up and the father of the bride

said to me Sean you have more hair

than I’ve had whisky

and I’ve had a lot of whisky

So I told him how hard it is

to sometimes do the

things you want, especially

when you’re a

man with long hair

and the groom of the wedding

came up to us,

having overheard our conversation,

and said that he agreed

but that

it is sometimes even harder

to let go of the things which other

people tell you are kinda important

and necessary

but that sometimes you just have to

bite the bullet

and hope it tastes alright.

So we stood there – the three of us –

all dressed up together

and feeling a little awkward

agreeing that something

had to be done

about everything

at some point

in our lives.


currently lives in Norwich, England. Multiple winner of Farrago Poetry Slam, past Editor of Lunar Poetry magazine and Poetry Weekly magazine as well as co-founder of Unmade Bed.

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