Mrs Tarliffe (micro fiction)

I have noticed that when my husband lays on his back the dreams come through stronger, and in a more visceral manner. I have discussed with him that this is only something called ‘Old hags syndrome’, the term coming from people in past times musing that a ‘witch is sitting on your chest’ (where actually now we know that the hallucinations come from restricted air to the brain in this position). He woke me up with a joke about it all. I won’t share it. It was rather crude. However, I would remark that in my observations of this sleeping position, it seems to not only heighten the dreams reality, but also brings the individual closer to what I have coined ‘Voyage de chimères’¹, which is the sleeper himself destroying the boundary between dream and reality. I will continue to monitor the effect further.

¹ Chimeras journey.


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