Naked Ladies – Amy

stuck to this night
to this summer
to this endless summer
which sounds idyllic and hot, so hot
but really it’s just sticky and wet
cut grass and drizzle
naked ladies in the grey evening
english hedges peeking
a century gone by, we didnt notice
fountains turn water around
and around, forever water
the thames slips by, unnoticed
a silver banner waved in the background
of the game
never centre-stage
only the bridge to the place
i always wanted to visit
sunken lawn, now I’m dreaming
the sky lit up like burnt amber
we cant see the sun
but the sky…
the trees are alight
no smoke just fire
over the river
eel pie overcooked
no-one else is here
no-one else can find us
a secret garden, like the book
but no kids, just a
coke bottle in the fountain
not so poetic, but what is
can certain materials not be included
in this poem
with the silken lilies
the fifty shades of green
moss, weed, grass, leaf,
my jealousy

Amy Austen

As a travel writer, reviewer and content writer, writing has taken her around the world, around the palate, and around the mind.

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