Ode to my Buddy – Kadeem Beresford-James

I tried, for hours, to write something for him.

To be profound, and deep; philosophical, like him.

I tried.

I tried to describe my pleasure at meeting someone years my junior at university

who wrote both well and interestingly.

I tried to show my shock that, once again, I was the youngest of all my friends.

I tried cooking squid for inspiration.

I tried shopping and writing at once.

I tried smoking in the middle of nowhere.

I tried everything.

And then, boozing, defeated, I knew.

Trying too hard leads to failure.

The desire to do, and happenstance words, and a deadline, and a friend –

that’s all this is.

A simple insanity. A rational complexity.

How I see him.

How I try to be.


is bad with names, good with details, and enjoys a good drink. Previous editor of Roehampton Writing Society’s Anthology 2012 and co-founder of Talking to Strangers.

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