Playing It Again ~ Bob Kesh

Wipe it all out
that mascara
caused so many dreams
now fall back
to where it started
remember incredible strength
beating against the ribs
and the sun on your arms
what was it about you
made me turn
turn it all
turn around
turn away
turn it over
smooth it
all down
all white
I was black
we should have done it years ago
but then maybe we’d have missed the
restless sun
turquoise water
smiles that last lifetimes
your skin going gold & dark
framing your eyes
better than desire
I’m not forgetting
just turning
turning back
back east
back to the road
back where I burn
lay her down
gentle clumsy hands
smile to the road you’re leaving
then turn
into the night
so full
the beautiful unknown
who rested her head
on your chest
& without words
put peace in you
the night so full

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