Running in Kos ~ Bob Kesh

Swerving in and out of trees,
low branches brushing the tips of your hair
taking the road
the cars going by slower than you
stray cats startled
then, along the beach
the water swelling like an illusion
just the sound of your breath
your footsteps and
the sea,
the sky going purple
and the ferry lit
gold and white
a’flowing smoke fading into
mauve hills
and the water calm
two girls laugh with you in tongues
and their excited toes grabbing
small stones and releasing them again,
the sweat on your chest pulsing
camouflaged against the lights of Turkey
glistening like bashful stars
the sky dark now
and the sea glowing
dark heads like reeds laughing
in the water
so much laughter
soothing your skin like breeze
soothing your soul like a kiss
removing scars easy as sand
from the soles of your feet.


A writer and musician from London currently studying at the Faber Academy. Generally nocturnal, he can be found indulging in all the pleasures and pains of the night.

Contact him at bobkesh @ hotmail . co .uk (with no spaces)

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