The Amazing Poem that Changed the World ~ Sean Wai Keung

The amazing poem that changed the world

contained no metaphors or images.

There wasn’t even a single rhyme

or meter. In fact, there were no words inside at all.


It wasn’t on a page of paper or

a stage in the basement of a poetry club.

Instead it looked like a huge ball of muddy black liquid.

And for most its existence it rested there

as big as a mountain, at the very top of a

submissions pile in a publishing house that had long ago

shut down.


It collected dust like that for hundreds of years

before it was eventually discovered when

the publishing house was burnt to the ground

in the middle of a revolution. When they saw it

all the revolutionaries immediately wept,

lowered their guns and sang renditions of Leonard Cohen songs together.


After which, scientists took custody of it

and after a series of tests in a special, secret lab

they concluded

that the amazing poem that changed the world

was actually made up of a special type

of love, a violent love, the kind of love

which makes people think

why do we need to even eat or sleep or drink or work

when we could all just fuck.


It was immediately labelled a dangerous substance

and hidden away from humanity.


And it rests there still today somewhere

nobody can see or touch it.

And all the scientists who had seen it

and touched it and finally hidden it away

in the shadows,

well they all woke up the next day and found

that they were no longer scientists,

no longer men, women, old, young,

they weren’t even people anymore.

And they never needed to eat or sleep or drink or work again.

Instead they spent the rest of their days

fucking each other into a violent, blinding Heaven

raising their voices in ecstatic cries

that would never be heard by anyone.


currently lives in Norwich, England. Multiple winner of Farrago Poetry Slam, past Editor of Lunar Poetry magazine and Poetry Weekly magazine as well as co-founder of Unmade Bed.

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    One thought on “The Amazing Poem that Changed the World ~ Sean Wai Keung

    1. I like your poem alot mate. Because it stinks of bitterness, and in parts, is free.
      However, it is our mission to awaken from the flaws of patriarchy, we are the matriarchy within in men, we love good sex, as people do, “fucking each other into a violent, blinding Heaven” was quite beautiful. And there is beyond, to–

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