The Coach Driver ~ Bob Kesh

‘the coach is fully fitted

with seat belts,

wearing seat belts is compulsory.

in case of emergency

i will open the front door.

if there is an accident

you can escape through the side

or back doors.

if you do use the back door

please be careful

as you will be jumping into traffic.

if the coach should turn on its side

any survivors can climb out of the top hatch,

on the roof.

there is no smoking

of any kind

on the coach.

the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

if you’re listening to music

or DVD’s

please ensure you use headphones,

no one wants to hear your music.

if you’re talking on the phone

please make it short,

there’s nothing more annoying

than listening to

someone else’s



the world is full of coach drivers,

and politicians,

and policemen,

and bouncers,

and flight attendants,

and book takers,

and rabbis,

and old codgers,

who all tell me

the same thing.


A writer and musician from London currently studying at the Faber Academy. Generally nocturnal, he can be found indulging in all the pleasures and pains of the night.

Contact him at bobkesh @ hotmail . co .uk (with no spaces)

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