The Dark Side – Eduard Dantes

I wish to tell the sun
Not to shine.
I wish to shout to the moon
‘Don’t light up my path!’
I want the stars
To stop blinking
For forever!!!

And for lord’s sake
Would the river stop
Catching reflections of light!

You see,
I love my misery
In darkest night
With no lamps a-shining.

I need my despair
In pitch blackness
Where it can never be seen.

I ask you,
Would you like to shine
A torch upon my darkness,
Into my mind?

Is it to compare my disease
To your joy?

Can’t you see
There ain’t nowhere
I’d rather be?

Pitch black
Not seeing the lions of my age
Triumph over the meek,
The weak of voice,

Those who can’t flee.

And because the lion
Would rather rest for dinner
Than run,
Conserve his energy
For pouncing on the frail and fragile
Then feasting before a siesta in the sun,
All the while
Dreaming under the moon and stars
Of tomorrow’s fiesta.

Can you not see
That in darkness,
In the absence of light
None of us can see

And I and those of my ilk
Stand a chance at survival;

Only in pitch black night
Where eyes can tell no lies.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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