The Field of Colour – Vincent Edward Manda

The battle started
With the sowing of seeds
on a field of green.

Seeds of periwinkles so white
And pulsatillas deeply purple
With heads bowed down.

There too were evening primroses
Whose future bloom in yellow
Promised drops of sun
In darkest night;
A promise of distraction
From thoughts so mellow
For in the morning
Death would come
And men would have to fight or run,
Run so far to touch their dreams
Run as far as the poppies would take them.

Deadly nightshade too;
The silent killer’s aid,
Was strewn all over the fields
To distract the enemy’s view.

The final seeds
Were thrown into the air
To catch flight in the wind
And scatter any and everywhere
With those of the red rose
Whose beauty gave death reprieve
From his dreadful cause,
A mere pause,
Before he kissed away
Those final throes.

They were not the red of love
But a red of the water
That had fed them.

The flowers grew
In the scarlet drenched field;
First came stalks of green
Then the little bulbs on top.

And when they bloomed overnight
Explosions could be heard all over.

Explosions of colour and sound,
Of a bitter-sweet taste
And honeyed smells.

It was almost enough
To make you forget
The explosions scattering body parts everywhere.

But like the blue forget-me-nots
That bloom there every year
Seed or no seed,
Memory is a hard thing to escape.

The battle ceased
And on the field
Limbs turned to bone
And the sockets of men’s skulls
Became flowerpots
For the hundred leaved roses
And assorted flowers
Growing there to this day.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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      • Cheers man. Was reading a lot of Robert Frost and got inspired by his use of nature so I researched flower symbolism and worked from there. There is some pretty cool info on flowers…

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