Working from Home ~ Amy Austen

I may be ‘working’,
but really I’m laughing.
I’ve got a beer in one hand
and the sun in the other.
Squinting into the horizon
all I’m thinking about is
the next second
the next drink
and how to make
the interns laugh.

As long as I reply to
their foolish questions,
I am there for them.

As long as I am there for them,
I am working.

So I can
drink the fridge dry,
feel the lemon sphere
scorch my eyelids.
I can clench this can
like a verdant apple (or pear),
and no-one will know.

I’ll still get paid.

Amy Austen

As a travel writer, reviewer and content writer, writing has taken her around the world, around the palate, and around the mind.

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