The Request ~ Sean Wai Keung

hello when i saw your friend request

i was pretty confused i recognised your name

but there were like three people in your profile

picture + i didn’t recognise any of them at first i thought

you were someone i met at a poetry reading or maybe

that girl who i think might be stalking me but

we had no mutual friends oh wait that’s when it hit me

aren’t you that girl from that school i used to go to the one

who always cried when you got ‘bad’ grades yeah i

remember you now your tears were so pretty but your eyes

held back the ugliest smile is that really you

i only accepted your request to find out

if that really is you +

if that really is you

then i just want to take this chance to say


your grades

were always

so much better

than mine.


currently lives in Norwich, England. Multiple winner of Farrago Poetry Slam, past Editor of Lunar Poetry magazine and Poetry Weekly magazine as well as co-founder of Unmade Bed.

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