The World Is A Hollow Ball Of Your Creation ~ Bob Kesh

the world is a hollow ball of your creation
your eyes are mirrors
I am your manifestation
grafted on the back of eyelids
you read and write this
many times
I am what you make me
your architecture
houses the universe
I harvested your lashes
for decades as debt
we are the unspoken things put
on tongues
you made me of everything
and nothing
and all things between
emulate me
emulate you
I am a regurgitation
your regurgitation
an endless fountain
the breath that drives your lungs
you are the snake eating its tail
I am not paper
I am not a poem
you are me.


A writer and musician from London currently studying at the Faber Academy. Generally nocturnal, he can be found indulging in all the pleasures and pains of the night.

Contact him at bobkesh @ hotmail . co .uk (with no spaces)

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