Uh ~ rene

a back-room
seven by twenty
and it’s a good average night to enter
like they all are
to sweat out your work-heart
touch gloves
and begin everything else

we sway
easily die
and keep our fore-heads tight
chin down
and having no-one here

i ease up some
and realise he’s better
and tonight the odds are fucked
so tonight it’s easy to live

         silhouettes won’t
         my feet
shadows distract
and transport me well
another round

pushing through my lips
i suck her back in tight

there’s kinship in the road tonight friends
half-gents and full-femme
and no-men
there’s all the food we need
in keen guts and freedom
and even good snakes
can strike
unless we’re sharp enough to move
when waist deep
in the swamp
and caring about this round
and this hook
is all i needed to do.


is Raoul Moat in a boat. His first words were ‘Newky Brown’. As well as being our most prolific writer, René also creates graphic art, paintings and screenplays.

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