We all Evolve Alone ~ Sean Wai Keung

A million things have changed.


you typed that.

From you to your fingers

to the splayed out lettering

of your keyboard

to me. I saw those words

at 14.55 today.


A million things have changed

it’s been over a year now

get over it.


You saw the message

that I had sent you before you typed that

at 14.15 – my message contained a lot of anger

I feel towards you yet still I ended it with a smiley face emoticon

to show you that I didn’t mean any offense.

In your message to me you didn’t give any emoticons back

so how am I supposed to know the emotions

behind those words you typed? Was it anger? disappointment?

All I know is that it took you from

14.15 to 14.55 to type that message

& it couldn’t have taken you forty minutes to type just that

so what exactly happened in those forty minutes?

Did a million things change in that time?


I begin to type a reply:

yes it’s been over a year but a year isn’t long

& how can I get over something I don’t understand

– I stop. I realise then

that it was this exact time two years ago that I was

walking with you down

the street by your house

& the thick clouds in the sky above us parted

causing sunlight to illuminate the road ahead

exactly like a scene in a terrible movie.

Something happened to me when I saw that light

I couldn’t look at you in the same way

& from that moment on each step I took was an apocalypse.


I look at the time now: 15.21

I can picture you looking at your screen

wondering why it’s taken me 26 minutes to reply

to your short, detached message.

I don’t know either.

Maybe a million things changed in that time.

I know I did.



currently lives in Norwich, England. Multiple winner of Farrago Poetry Slam, past Editor of Lunar Poetry magazine and Poetry Weekly magazine as well as co-founder of Unmade Bed.

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