Wednesday 14 May, 2014, Croydon – Vincent Edward Manda

I have never been quite able

To understand the moon


Why, for instance,

When I am standing atop the highest hill

On the clearest early summer night

With stars blazing

Amidst city lights

Is it nowhere to be seen

When yesterday

It was right there,

Watching the world conspicuously

Like the eye of Arges

Infused with lightening?


Or how in a matter of five minutes walk

It can change position

Sometimes simply disappearing

Despite my constant heading

Towards that bright star

Anchored beneath the marvelous

Never blinking spectre…


Ah, but these are questions

For people smarter than I,


All I know

Is that the moon

I see this evening

Looks particularly pretty

With its dirty tint like hue

In tonight’s darkening city sky.

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