Women, AGAIN and Again and again – Eduard Dantes

Ah dem girls
Dem girls
Dem girls.

Summer brings them out;
Those deceiving angels
Delving deep into your body and soul
Luring you in with whispered promises, with
Bare patches and flashes of colour
Dancing in the wind.

It drives them wild
This season called summer,
And in turn
It makes some of us us just a little bit crazy; And
Just a little bit crazier for others.

Those devilishly pretty dresses
Flowing in the petty summer winds
While nature endlessly sings.
Those suggestively sublime blouses
And alluring little skirts
Always hanging perfectly;
They all promise a paradise just yonder.

Ah yes, dem girls
Dem girls is driving me crazy.

It seems the hair
Is not the only thing bouncing lightly,
Right there
On them mad summer women
Them girls afflicted by summer’s breezy disease.

Ah women
Summer women

We men are are going mad and
It seems the disease
Is spreading fast through the breeze.
Intoxicated minds
And gleaming eyes
Can be seen watching everywhere.

Winter is long forgotten
Even though it’s death throes that summer breathes.

Soon the skirts and blouses
Will disappear
And the dresses will turn into gowns
And the smiles to wintry frowns.

Then the depression after madness
Will follow.

The blooms of rosy spring
Will grow into gold and aged autumn things
Too weak to hold on;
And come winter
They’ll be frigid or no longer living.

The smiles would have formed lines
Hurting in cold times.
The shining sun will grow shy
And that cool breeze
Will become and angry chapping wind…

But the girls
Them girls
Dem women, will still be here,
You just gotta try and make ’em smile
And you might survive
That dark and cold winter.


his name rhymes with ‘mince’. He’s rarely without a notebook and can usually be found next to the closest bottle of red wine. Previously a writer for The Roehampton Lane Journal.

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